May 3, 2017 by Jobs

Job Opportunity: Public Health Program Director

Public Health Program Director 1 (Tennessee Department of Health)

This position is located in Memphis, TN.

Qualified applicants may apply beginning May 10, 2017 at

Job Overview: The Program Director 1 will be responsible for working with health departments and community based-organizations throughout Tennessee with the aim of reducing the public health burden and consequences of HIV. Specifically, this position will be responsible for managing the implementation of the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) HIV prevention demonstration project in the Memphis MSA.  This position will be located in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.

Salary: $3,205/month

Job Responsibilities Include:

  • Work closely with the Director of HIV/STD Prevention to implement HIV prevention strategies in the Memphis Shelby County Health Department and community-based organizations in the Memphis area.
  • Maintain a detailed work plan for the demonstration project, with measurable objectives and action steps for each program piece.  Additionally, provide updates and revisions to CDC as necessary.
  • Through training, equip health departments and community-based HIV prevention partners throughout Tennessee to provide pre-exposure prophylaxis counseling and navigation.
  • Monitor and address educational and training needs of disease intervention specialists and community based organizations implementing  pre-exposure prophylaxis related HIV prevention interventions throughout Tennessee
  • Oversee the coordination and guidance provided to Memphis area contractors implementing PrEP funded programs.
  • Monitor and manage data reporting for HIV Prevention grant-related programs being implemented with contractors
  • Direct supervision of staff

Required Education and Experience: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree and experience equivalent to a minimum of five or more years of full-time increasingly responsible professional health program work including, a minimum of one year of full-time supervisory work.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience preparing  programmatic and work plans, creating and delivering presentations, and using  professional judgment and discretion to make sound managerial decisions
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, team building, program management and evaluation, decision making, leadership and computer skills
  • Experience working  effectively with diverse groups (e.g. governmental agencies and officials, professional organizations, and the public)
  • Familiarity with HIV Prevention Services
  • Ability to travel frequently within Tennessee and occasionally to out of state required meetings
  • Strong background in supervision and training of professional staff