March 14, 2018 by LEADing Lights

LEADing Light: Veronica Briscoe

We need the leadership of PLHIV and those most disproportionately impacted by the disease now more than ever, especially in the South, where widening HIV-related disparities and health inequities threaten the lives of our people and impede real progress toward ending the epidemic. In this new feature, we recognize the incredible PLHIV who are leading movements in their own communities. The people spotlighted here are graduates of our LEAD (Leadership, Education, and Advocacy Development) Academy.
This month, we sat down to chat with Veronica Briscoe, a 2017 graduate and AHF Advocacy Mobilizer from Cartersville, Georgia.

What is your passion as an advocate?
My passion is to empower and change the lives of women who are living with HIV.

How did you begin in this work?
I was diagnosed in 2011, and for 12 years I was silenced by fear and stigma. It wasn’t until 12 years later that I personally knew someone who was on a waiting list of 900 people to get assistance and they died. It was at that moment I knew I had to become involved.

Wow, you have ben doing this work for some time. When you registered for the LEAD Academy, what were your expectations?
My expectations were very high, but I was also really excited to work with Gina and Khafre.

So, we know that this work can be challenging. What would be your dream vacation?
A cruise for a week with a balcony room and lots of food and drinks. <LOL>

What’s your favorite movie?
Salt starring Angelina Jolie.

If you could come back to Earth as anything except a women, what would you be?
I would come back as an eagle because they soar and I like being on top.

If you could say one thing to empower someone else, what would it be?
Don’t ever let others dictate who you are. Determine that for yourself!

Interview conducted by Marvin Anderson, Communications Manager at the Southern AIDS Coalition. For more information about Veronica or our LEAD Academy, email us at admin (at) southernaidscoalition (dot) org.