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Where do the 2016 Presidential Candidates stand on critical HIV/AIDS issues?

From AIDS United
March 15, 2016

HIV, once an almost universally fatal disease, can now be managed as a chronic medical condition. New and improved medications, expanded health coverage options, and an updated understanding of the relationship between treatment, care, and prevention have created a new paradigm for the HIV epidemic in the United States- and the promise of ending new infections. The next five years provide an incredible window of opportunity to fast-track the response and finally end the HIV epidemic.

To better understand how presidential candidates will take advantage of the moment to seek an end to the HIV epidemic, a coalition of more than 50 organizations sent a survey to all of the candidates who were running for president at that time. Candidates responses have been published without edits. The non-partisan coalition of organizations that created this survey do not endorse any candidate or political party.
Have you registered to vote? If not, get information about the process, deadlines, and more for your state at the AIDS United Policy Action Center.

Presented By: AIDS Foundation of Chicago, AIDS United, amfAR: The Foundation for AIDS Research, Health GAP, Project Inform, Southern AIDS Coalition, Southern HIV/AIDS Strategy Initiative, Treatment Access Expansion Project and United States People Living With HIV Caucus and supported by these 50 organizations.

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