We are a movement – a truly diverse community working across political, religious, and geographic lines to end the HIV epidemic in the South. We are young and old. We are mothers and doctors and writers and CEOs. We are bus drivers and activists and sex workers and small business owners. We are many things all at once, and together, we are the Southern AIDS Coalition.

We are also a bridge – connecting each other to the information, resources, and support needed to prevent new transmissions and build a better South for people living with HIV.

Be You. Be Bold. Be Brave. Be SAC.

HIV in the South:

The South has


of the Undiagnosed Infections in the U.S.



of all people living with HIV were diagnosed in the South.

In Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina, more than


of MSM were living with diagnosed HIV infections in 2012.

Across the nation, the lifetime risk of HIV diagnosis among black women is


compared to


for white women.

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