Your organizational membership in SAC makes a powerful statement about your commitment to ending the HIV and STI epidemics in the South. Join a unique coalition of government, community, and business partners that are working together to prevent new infections and to build a better South for people living with HIV.


Guide the Southern strategy

Organizational members can request to join the SAC Public Policy Committee, a diverse group that works with our board of directors to develop policy priorities and guide an advocacy strategy for the South. The committee meets quarterly (3 virtual meetings and 1 in-person meeting). Click HERE for more information about the SAC Public Policy Committee.

Magnify Your Voice at the National Level

We engage in direct federal advocacy on behalf of southerners living with HIV and the organizations that serve them. We carry your stories from the front line to a variety of forums, including AIDS United’s Public Policy Council (PPC) and the Federal AIDS Policy Partnership (FAPP). We also provide opportunities for you to actively participate in federal advocacy via action alerts, sign-on letters, petitions, etc.

Support State-Based Advocacy Efforts

We recognize the importance of holding state and local government accountable for the systemic policy changes and strategic investments that are needed to improve the lives of PLHIV and reduce new infections in the South. We provide technical assistance, training, and ongoing administrative support to a network of state-based advocacy groups across the Deep South.

Experience a Smarter Way to Stay Informed

The volume of emails on the national groups can be overwhelming. We actively monitor many of these groups, process their posts through a southern filter, and then pass along only the information that is most relevant to your work in the South. Additionally, we notify you of grants and other funding opportunities available to the South.

Expand Your Reach

We regularly communicate with thousands of individuals across the South through our website, e-newsletter, and social media platforms. We use these resources to share important information about your organization, including employment opportunities and upcoming events.

Network with Colleagues from Across the South

More than ever, we have to work together to coordinate efforts and maximize scarce resources in new and unprecedented ways. We also build time into our annual meeting for networking between colleagues.

Start Your Own Advocacy Campaigns

We can help you start your own advocacy campaign with our templates, resources, and experience. We use southern data to adapt national tools for your use in your local or state advocacy.

Show Your Support

We provide your organization with the option to be acknowledged on our website and social media platforms. Additionally, as part of your welcome packet, you will receive a vinyl window decal to show the public that you are a member of the Southern AIDS Coalition. We will notify you first of other sponsorship and exhibition opportunities that become available throughout the year.

Receive Priority Scheduling

We speak at events across the country to expand issue knowledge and increase overall awareness of the impact of HIV on the South. While we cannot fulfill every request, we give priority to our organizational members.

Gain Valuable Insights

We have two full-time community organizers who are building a broader grassroots movement that is more inclusive of historically disenfranchised communities most impacted by HIV in the South, including gay and bisexual black men and women of color. The work of our community organizers gives us valuable insights that we pass along to our members.



Annual Budget

Less Than $500,000
$500,000 – $1,000,000
More than $1,000,000

Annual Membership Price



Type of Agencies

County or City Health Department
State Health Department
Federal Health Agency

Annual Membership Price



Annual Revenue

Less than $500M
$500M to $1B
More than $1B

Annual Membership Price


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